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Private Dog Training

Private dog training may be for you if:

  • you have visions of a well mannered pet who is a pleasure to live with.
  • group classes don’t work with your schedule.
  • group classes aren’t suitable to address your dog’s behaviour.

How many lessons do I need?

Your dog is as unique as you are. Based on your goals and your dog’s behaviour history, we will recommend a personally tailored plan.

Where will the lessons take place?

We work in your dog’s environment.
Depending on what the focus of the lesson is, that can mean in your home, on your walking route or at your favourite park.


Private Training: In Person, Virtual, and Training Walks

Whether you’re looking for help with a new puppy or working on behaviours like unwanted jumping, pulling or resource guarding we are here to help!
Importantly, we are continuing to offer virtual sessions while resuming face-to-face to provide you with more options!

In person training

Raising a dog often requires a team. The trainer comes to you and works directly with you and your pup to help you realize your goals.

In person puppy training

Start your pup off on the right paw with advice and training on a variety of important aspects of puppyhood such as routine, housetraining, biting and chewing, the zoomies, learning to be independent, leash walking, socialization to people, dogs and so much more!

Virtual Training

Zoom sessions proved so effective (and are more affordable for the client), we’re continuing to offer them!

Training Walks

Working on skills like loose leash walking or have a puppy who doesn’t really walk at all? Training walks are a great option to help get your pup on the right path.

We offer different grades for your dogs

Puppy Head Start

  • Stop nipping or biting your family and friends
  • Sit, lie down and come using positive training methods
  • Ask to go outside to relieve itself – on command!
  • Stop chewing your things
  • Play games and learn fun tricks that are sure to impress
  • Not be possessive of its toys or food bowl
  • Be confident when being examined by vets, groomers and family members

Grade One

  • Come the first time every time, even when distracted – a potentially life-saving lesson!
  • Sit while greeting guests
  • Not jump up on people
  • Sit and stay even when distracted
  • Lie down and stay even with distractions
  • Walk on a leash happily without pulling you
  • Play and then settle down on command

Grade Two

  • Learning to listen to you without the use of a leash!
  • Learning to retrieve
  • Being challenged on walking on lead
  • Developing rock-solid sit and down stays
  • Continuing to build a bomb-proof recall

Grade Three

  • Learning complete off-leash control, regardless of the distractions
  • Building more control into their retrieve
  • Developing more complex jumping skills
  • Learning sit and down stays with you out of sight
  • Building a response to sit and down commands from a distance
  • Learning simple hand signals
  • Learning a stand-stay
  • Perfecting the basics!
  • Being challenged on walking on lead
  • Developing rock-solid sit and down stays
  • Continuing to build a bomb-proof recall

Grade Four

Your dog will learn to problem solve and offer unique behaviors. We’ll work on focus on stimulating environments and around intense distractions. They’ll start enjoying the process of learning new things.


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